Previous events



On Monday, 1st April 2019, Lumiere Volunteers paid a visit to Nest Old age home, Miyapur. They interacted with the old people there and gave them the most valuable thing which they were deprived of, quality time and company. They even presented them with some fruits and spent the day with them and made them very happy



On Sunday, 7th April 2019, the volunteers of Lumiere Foundation organised a scrap collection drive at Mystic Hills Villas, near Moosapet, Kukatpally. Starting the drive at around 9 am, the volunteers went to each and every house of the gated community and collected all the old newspapers, books, magazines and other paper scrap till 2:30 pm. Total amount collected was 724 Kg. The scrap was later sold to a local scrap dealer and an amount of Rs. 8000 was successfully raised to help the disadvantaged. Lumiere volunteers worked hard to make this event a huge success.


Scrap collection Drive at Richmond Villas

On Sunday, 21 st April 2019, the volunteers of Lumiere Foundation organised a scrap collection drive at Richmond Villas , Bandlaguda. Starting the drive at 10
in the morning, the volunteers went to each and every house of this gated community consisting of more than 150 villas and collected several
newspapers, magazines and various books, a total of 1320Kg. It was later sold to the local paper scrap dealer and funds were successfully raised for the underprivileged. Lumiere volunteers worked hard
and ensured that the collection drive was a huge success. 


Visit to the orphanage- Cheers Foundation

On Sunday, May 12th 2019, the volunteers of the Lumiere Foundation paid a visit to Cheers Foundation, an orphanage home. They donated all the books collected from the previous scrap collection drives, some toys and also Art and Craft materials. They also taught them art and craft and the children absolutely loved and enjoyed this. They interacted with them, played many games and had lots of fun. With the amount collected from previous scrap collection drives, they bought basic necessities like Rice, Fruits ,Broomsticks and other groceries and donated them to the Cheers Foundation. This visit not just brought smiles on the faces of the children but also taught the volunteers to be more compassionate and loving to everyone.


Scrap collection drives

at Maple Town villas

Our Lumiere volunteers on Sunday, the 23rd of June 2019 when they organised a scrap collection drive at Maple Town Villas, Bandlaguda. Despite uncertain circumstances and heavy rains, they kicked off at around 11:30 am and covered almost half of the huge gated community consisting of nearly 250 villas and collected all the old newspapers, magazines, books and even plastic scrap. At the end of the day, around 200 kg of paper scrap and raised nearly Rs. 4500 for the disadvantaged. Filled with perpetual fun and more importantly, a mission to give back to those in need, this drive shall go down as one of the most memorable and unforgettable ones ever.


Scrap collection drives

at Indu Fortune villas

No day is a bad day to help those who need it 🌧
That's what we believe in which is why our volunteers gave their all to complete their mission at Indu Fortune Fields despite the heavy showers.
On September 1st, 2019, thirteen volunteers went to Indu Fortune Fields, collecting scrap from each house amounting to 200kg and raising Rs.4500.


Event at New Life foundation

According to UNESCO, 37% of the world's illiterate population is Indian. Presently, there are 287 million uneducated people living in the country. Undeniably, illiteracy is a rising problem that needs to be combatted, little by little.
On 13th November, 2019, two of our volunteers went to the New Life Foundation and spent the day with the young, lively children there.
The money raised through our scrap collection drives and donated by our benefactors funded the education of the young children at the New Life Foundation for the month of November.
We would like to thank all our volunteers and those who have supported us for helping us take steps towards bettering lives ❤

And many more events across multiple chapters...