Scrap collection drives

- In this event, the student volunteers collect old newspapers , books and other recyclable items. The collected material is sold and the money is used to support old age homes and orphanages.

- Lumiere Foundation has collected and recycled scrap from all our partners

- approx. 10000+ Kgs of scrap collected and recycled

- This event has been conducted mainly in Telangana and Karnataka branches. 

Visits to orphanages 

- In this event, the student volunteer visit orphanages, donate funds and interact with the children and teach them craft-work. 

- In the near future, we will be organizing virtual events to interact with and help the kids at orphanages.


Visits to old-age homes

- In this event, the student volunteers visit old-age homes, donate funds and give them what they desire the most - love and company.

- In the near future, Lumiere Foundation will be organizing virtual events to interact with the elderly and spread awareness about staying safe in this pandemic.


Plant drives

- In this event, the student volunteers will plant plants

- ~10000 plants have been planted in Karnataka and Punjab.


Food donation drives

- In this event, student volunteers raise funds and donate food supplies to the ones in need.

- This event was organized in Maharashtra and Delhi, where student volunteers (after taking appropriate safety measures amidst the pandemic) distributed a week's worth of food supplies to  the homeless people on the streets and slums of Mumbai and Delhi.




Clothes, toys, and books donations

- Student volunteers donated toys, clothes, and books to the children in orphanages.

Awareness Drives

- Student volunteers organize events (virtual and physical) to spread awareness about important topics such as COVID19 Safety, Hygiene, Animal Rescue etc

- Student volunteers raise funds for underprivileged communities and non-profits through creative events 



- Drives to clean-up the waste/trash in the environment - such as the river clean-up drives

Environmental Clean-up 


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